Women Half Marathon Gurgaon

Date : Sunday, 5 May 2019
Time : 5:30 AM
Venue : Gurgaon City


There are far and few women half marathons in India today, even though there are no dearth of races. Very few have taken up the mantle of organising a trustworthy women’s only half marathon. Building up a women’s race takes lot more than event organising skills. The package must not only look strong, ready and error-free but also encourage and be supportive at every step.

Coach Ravinder Events have thus stepped in to bring all the perks of a big race in a smaller more manageable package to organise a half marathon for women.

And so just in case you thought the running season in NCR is over and were about to hang in your running shoes? Not with a half marathon in the month of June!

This race is designed to encourage women to not let summer be a reason to give up on the outdoors or your fitness at all.

The 21k category remains solo, but for all other distances you can make a team of a man + woman.

So bring in your daughters, moms, sisters, aunts, nieces, grandmothers and friends. Rake in the miles this summer and stay healthy inside out. Every woman should once run a half marathon in her life! There is something unforgettable in this dash of madness that brings you closer to the next level of fitness.

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Women Half Marathon starts in:

For more info write to support@coachravinder.com